When to Book the Car in Crete?

Even before one reaches in the country the car be rented. There are several benefits of doing the same. Pre-booking assures that you get the desired vehicle, and this reduces the stress levels. Also, because of pre-booking the charges are discounted. Importantly, seeing a car that waits you on your arrival is a new high before starting the vacation. On reaching Crete if one has to book a car the affair will be taxing, time consuming, and the cost will be high. Thus, it’s the best decision to book a car beforehand. However, if for any reason if the pre-booking cannot be done there is an option to book on reaching Crete. The drawback will be that for the same time and model of car more amount will be shelled out. Also, the time where one was supposed to enjoy the vacation will now be spend at the car rental office. However, in case of booking cancellations, most of the companies don’t offer a refund or deduct amount before returning.  Therefore, book the car at least 24 hours in advance of reaching the Crete to enjoy the benefits of both sides.

Where to Pick Up the Car?

The best thing will be to get the car from the airport this saves time and money. As public transport need not be used to reach the city for vehicle pick up. One can directly move towards the destination rather than going to the car company for getting the car. Also this will help in enjoying the benefits of return rental. This implies to leave the car in the city where it was hired.