What Do you Need to Rent a Car in Crete?

There are specific rules that one needs to adhere before renting a car in Crete. Crete rent a car needs that the driver has a standard International driver license (a license that is valid in US works). If the license is not in Greek or English, there will be a need to have a translation. In case you are driving, it will be mandatory to show your passport if the need arises, thus carry it always. An International Drivers Permit is not a compulsion, but if you take it will be beneficial. Most of the car rental companies in Crete will require that the driver is above 21. It is also mandatory that the driver has held the car license in the home country for a year. In case if the driver is under 25, they may face additional charges. Before renting a car in Crete carefully read the fine print of your booking and rules regarding renting.

Interestingly, one needs to have a credit card to rent a car Crete. The car rental companies don’t accept cash. The other reason to pay through credit card is an excess charge or holds a charge. The car rentals put a hold on the credit card for the rental period.

Crete Rent a Car and Insurance

Fundamental question may arise regarding the need for car insurance for Crete car rental. Most of the car rental companies will ask for adding car insurance. However it may increase the cost. To be on the safer side and have peace of mind, it will be a wise decision to add car insurance. However if you have US credit card or equivalent in another country, then there are chances that you have CDW (collision damage waiver) insurance for rental car coverage and thus car insurance will not be required.

The Cost of Car Rental in Crete

The most crucial point to consider is the cost aspect. The rental companies try to portray the costs less as compared to others in the business but then add on several hidden costs. Carefully read the documents and ask all requires and discuss regarding the presence of any hidden cost before renting a car in Crete.