Heraklion City Centre


Rent a car in Heraklion City Center


When you are thinking about renting a car to explore the biggest prefecture of Crete, one of the most common questions that many people are worried about is: 

How can I rent a car in Heraklion city? 

Upon request, we can deliver your rental car wherever you are. 

Of course, there is an extra cost for the pick-ups or the drop-off vehicles. But you can easily see the delivery fee when you choose the place you want to deliver your car from the reservations. 

Moreover, if you want your car in your hotel in Heraklion, our partners are ready to deliver your car to all prefectures of Heraklion. 

Book your car now, and feel free to explore all the magic places in Crete.

Please inform us your hotel name for hotel delivery service.
Rent a Car in Heraklion City Centre.
Megalonissos Chania Car Rental - your Car Rental Partner in Heraklion region.

Heraklion City Centre
Crete, Heraklion, Greece


Heraklion City Centre

Phone: +30 28310 72440
Email: info@chaniacarrentals.com

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